"Vertical Shmer-tical!!"

Behind every crazy rider there's a sane partner. We didn't forget about you, and when your Idiot pedals off from Jensen Point, your sanity deserves some pleasure. Fortunately Vashon is overflowing with fun things to do on P2P weekend.

  • P2P is staged at a beautiful marine park, with picnic tables and it's own kayak and paddle board concession. You don't need to worry about vertical in a kayak.
  • Vashon has a wonderful collection of parks - from forests to seaside parts and spectacular hillside vistas - you could wear yourself out with all the hiking options available.
  • P2P's halfway mark is at the town center where you'll find a very Vashon Farmers Market, unique shops and a variety of dining options. We encourage you to visit our supporting merchants.

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