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2018 Ride

Directions are HERE.

Event Schedule:

  • 7:00 to 8:30 AM ‒ All riders register their arrival and pick up packets at Jensen Point Park on Vashon Island (8900 SW Harbor Drive). Saturday, September 9, 2017
  • 8:00 to 9:00 AM ‒ Riders start slowly (the smart ones) from Jensen Point Park, in small groups or as preregistered teams. Look for the giant Rowing Club Trailer in the Jensen Point parking lot.
  • 1:00 PM ‒ BBQ begins at Jensen Point Park
  • 4:00 PM ‒ All riders head for the finish from wherever they are on the course ‒ it's time to eat!  Remember, this is all just a long ride to the BBQ.  Don't worry, "Smokin Pete's" won't let anyone go home hungry. Additional BBQs can be preregistered for friends and family ($12 each).
  • 4:30 PM ‒ All 18 Checkpoints close. (The volunteers have been standing on the side of the roads for hours ‒ hey, they want to get to the BBQ too!)
  • 5:30 PM ‒ BBQ ends. Everyone will be tired of everyone's stories, so everyone tries to find their bike and car, and heads for home.
  • 6:00 PM ‒ Adios! until September 8, 2018 - so, plan ahead.

Course info, and safety:

  • Pace Yourself – Really!  This is not a race or timed ride. There are no winners or prizes.  In fact, the first one back is given the “Hot Spatula Award”, and gets to work for the first 10 minutes at the BBQ.
  • Descend Hills Slowly!  Roads are in bad shape after this last winter: gravel, broken pavement…
  • Stay To The Right!  Narrow roads with riders and cars coming the other way!        You’ll think you’re on some one-lane roads – you’re not!  Every road is 2 way!!
  • Follow P2P Road Signs & Map
  • Please Don’t Ride as a Peloton. Riders start over time in groups of 3 & 4 to respect others using Vashon roads (cars, horses, walkers, tractors, deer, etc.)
  • Ride All the Hills in Order.  Please don’t short-cut the course or by-pass a hill.
  • Bring Lots of Food & Water on the Bike.  Eat & drink it all day long.
  • Bring a Mobile Phone!
  • If you need help, text or call Colby at 206-200-4199. If it's serious, call 911.

Waivers and ID:

  • You just know we'll get you to sign a waiver for this event - either on the website when you register, or on paper the day of (if walk-up registration is still available). Please read the waiver before you sign it.
  • Bring your ID. Riders under 18 need a parent's signature (honestly, what parent would...) and BRING A PHONE, for emergency selfies.

What to wear, What to wear??

  • The Island can be chilly, so wear extra clothes. We'll have 5 different clothing drop spots along the way. Your stuff will magically appear back at the BBQ.
  • And, if you register for the ride, you can purchase this nifty little custom jersey!

2017 wacko 600

What to Bring?

  • Your "A" Game, and any special food or hydration needs you have. Oh, and a really light bike helps.

What do you get?

  • Every rider will receive a genuine P2P Passport, to treasure forever, a complimentary P2P T-shirt (wouldn't be a bike ride without a T-shirt), one ticket to the BBQ, a rider number and a course map and ‒ best of all ‒ all kinds of good food at checkpoints along the course(s).

And there's that thing about pride in having gone as far as you could on the toughest course in Puget Sound.

Rider Referral Reward:

  • Every time someone registers for P2P and puts your name in the box that asks who referred them, we will enter another ticket with your name on it in a special “Rider Referrer” drawing. Watch this space for the prize, but it will be cool.

To Friends and Families of riders:

While your Weenie, Weasel or Idiot is out on the course proving it, there's much for you to do on Vashon ‒ beaches and hiking parks everywhere, and events to attend.  .  We'll send out details to every rider as the date arrives.  Oh, don't count on your rider saying much on the way home.

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