Passport2Pain’s infamous courses are baaack!

  1. The long one – we call it The Idiot for good reason – is 80 miles and 10,000 feet of vertical. This is a challenging ride, no foolin’.
  2. If that’s not your cup of tea (we get it!) there is The Weenie – “only” 30 miles and 3,400 feet of vertical, and you get to go to the same great barbecue at the end.
  3. The middle course, juuust riiight for a growing number of our riders the past couple of years, is 50 miles and 6,500 feet of vertical. More than the Weenie, but not the Idiot: it’s The Weasel.

Nothing says you have to get all the way through any of these courses to have a spankin’ good time.

Link to Course Maps and Ride Profiles.



Registration. You register for P2P online with a credit card. (There’s a button for that around here somewhere.) It’s a hundred bucks, and it goes to the Vashon Island Rowing Club, our non-profit 501(c)3 organization. That includes your Passport, barbecue ticket and whatever other swag we can muster for you.

Refunds. If life intervenes and you have to cancel, send us an email before midnight on August 8th with your tale of woe and we’ll refund $80 to your card. If you have to cancel after that date, we’ll send you a souvenir bib number instead, with a sincere Thank You for supporting the Rowing Club.

Attention procrastinators: It’s a lot of extra hassle for us if you wait until the last week to register, so this year we’re going to share that pain by charging you $125 to register in that last week. We’ll post and send out reminders to register before September 1, but consider this your first notice. The other thing is, we have agreed to limit P2P to 500 riders to maintain happy relations with our neighbors here. We’ll let you know if we start getting close to that number, but there’s another reason to sign up now. Plus, you’ll be more motivated to rack up those miles before you get here.  

Extra BBQ Tickets. If you want to bring your fam to the BBQ, great! You can get extra tickets for them when you register, or you can come back to this site later and get them separately by clicking on the Donate/Buy Stuff link. There’s lots of safe & sane stuff for them to do on the Island while you’re out there … enjoying yourself.

Check-in. When you arrive at the start, we’ll have your P2P bib number and Official P2P Wristband ready for you to pick up, along with your Passport in a zip-loc bag. You’ll carry that Passport with you to get stamped at each of the checkpoints you visit.

Clothing drops. The Island can be chilly in the morning, so wear extra clothes. We'll have clothing drops at checkpoints along the way. Your stuff will magically appear back at the BBQ.

Staffing. Each of the checkpoints will be staffed by volunteers from the Rowing Club or from Vashon community groups that are helping us out in exchange for some visibility and a cut of the proceeds. You may even see some of our sponsors stamping Passports and handing out food and water.

Timing. This year we’re going to start the Weasels and Weenies after the Idiots so the short-course riders don’t show up before the barbecue is going. Checkpoints will close as the last riders pass through them, but all of them will close by 5:00 because by then everyone should be headed to the barbecue.



NEW! This year we’re inviting vintage bike aficionados to join us! That’s bikes built before 1988. Bring out that classy Claude Butler you’ve been restoring, or your Pugeot from college, and give it a few miles and some admiration. Sure, you can take it on any of the other courses, but how about this instead:

  • Pick up your P2P bib number with the special “Vintage” designation.
  • Show off your functional artwork at the P2P starting area.
  • When all the Idiots and Weasels and Weenies have set off, saddle up and make your way into the heart of Vashon town to the Sandwich Stop – 6 miles, 500 feet of vertical on the direct route.
  • Hang out there with your fellow connoisseurs, have lunch with the other riders passing through, and yak with non-riders who stop by to have a look at your bike.
  • After a leisurely look around town and maybe a detour to KVI Beach, head back (downhill!) to the barbecue and more schmoozing.

If you have friends who are into old bikes, let them know about this!



All this silliness takes place on Vashon Island, in the middle of Puget Sound. Here’s a link to a map to the P2P start/finish area.

If you don’t live here, you’ll have to take a ferry. When you look at the schedule, make sure you get the right day of the week.

  • From Seattle, take the Fauntleroy route from West Seattle. Schedule.
  • From Tacoma, come over to Tahlequah from Point Defiance. Schedule.
  • From Kitsap, take the Southworth boat. Schedule.

You’re welcome to ride over on your bike, and many intrepid cyclists do it every year, but you’ll be adding some miles and vertical to your day, both of which are going to look formidable when you head home. If you bring your car, please be courteous about where you park. P2P depends on the goodwill of our neighbors, and if we annoy them too much, well, … please don’t be annoying.



Clever of you to think of that! We haven’t made official provisions for campers in past years, but if you are interested in pitching a tent this year, let us know. If we get enough responses, we will get busy and find a nice spot for all of you and order some porta-potties for that special ambiance. There are lots of good places for dinner in the town of Vashon, and if maybe we can organize a pancake breakfast. Again, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if this sounds interesting to you.



  • Pace yourself – really! This is not a race or timed ride. There are no winners or prizes.  In fact, if you’re the first one back you may find yourself working the barbecue until more riders show up.
  • Descend hills slowly! Most of our roads are in even worse shape than they were last year: potholes, gravel, broken pavement, lumpy patch-jobs – you get the picture.
  • Stay to the right! Narrow roads with riders and cars coming the other way! You’ll think you’re on some one-lane roads – you’re not!  Every road in every P2P course is 2-way!!
  • Please don’t ride as a peloton. Riders start over time in groups of 3 & 4 to respect others using Vashon roads (cars, horses, walkers, tractors, deer, etc.)
  • Ride the hills in order. Early checkpoints close early; late checkpoints don’t open until later.
  • Bring your phone! Dave Weller, the hero volunteer who has taken 5,000 photos of the event every year, is going to be in Europe this time. The nerve! So please take a bunch of pictures of your fellow riders and we’ll let you know where you can send them for everyone to enjoy.


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