Apparently, the toughest ride in the Puget Sound area is also a total blast! Or, so, that's what they keep telling us. Maybe you should find out for yourself!


"Awesome ride, awesome people, awesome food and awesome support! You all totally rocked it today!!! I'll be back."

"We are so UP for next year’s P2P, and can’t wait to register!"

"I can’t say enough about the P2P ride."


“For intensity, P2P takes the ribbon. Will I be back next year? Well, I’ve done RAMROD 4 TIMES and never once pondered not finishing. As for the P2P - from Maury Island on was one long slog of self-doubt and pain. SO YEAH, I’LL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!”


"FANTASTIC ride today. Brutal route. BRUTAL! But amazing volunteers, super fellow cyclists and some really delicious brownies helped me power through the last 25 miles. Will be back next year!"

"That crazy devil made my day!"

"What a GREAT event! This is my new favorite local ride. 18 friendly & fun stops along the way. Can't wait for next year."

"Already looking forward to P2P next year. Props to all the organizers and volunteers!"

"Best line for me was when I was heading up Gold Beach and 3 riders came around the corner and saw the steep grade down. First one yells an expletive, and the second one yells AWESOME!"

"Man o man a highlight of my summer in many ways, even though I was one tired dog last night."

"Loved the location and proximity to home on a Saturday."

"What an outstanding ride!"

"I think I'm looking forward to next year. Nah! I'm definitely "all in" for next year!"


"I do not usually take the time to write back and comment on rides, But your P2P ride today was over the top. Make sure you thank ALL your fine, fantastic, great, etc, etc.... people for making your ride the Best ride I have rode. The whole event from start to finish was soooo well done!!!!!! Warm ,wonderful people!!!!! I cannot thank you enough and All the hardwork you people put into this ride. Great ride."


"I had no idea that Vashon Island was such a stunning island."

"An absolutely fantastic ride."

"Exceptionally well organized and incredibly fun."


"I will certainly be back next year for more."

"A ride I’ll never forget."

"Thanks for making P2P such an amazing (fun, funny, warm, friendly, stimulating, etc.) peak experience of the year for so many happily crazed cycling enthusiasts like me and my sweetie."

"Loved it. Had an amazing time."

"I have been recommending next year's edition to everyone who will listen to me."

"This one is my new favorite ride in the PNW!"

"I did the 50 and wish I did the 80...I’ll be back next year to do the 80."

"I did the Idiot last year but decided to the the 50-miler this year, and I had more fun this year."

"Those views along the water were breathtaking."

"My first P2P. Not my last! Awesome event and well organized."

"Great ride ‒ the best I have been on for effort and suffering. Epic to say the least."

"The ride that drags you to the edge of your capability and the pushes you over the edge."

"In a season full of great rides (Flying Wheels, STP, RAMROD, Triple Bi-Pass, and a ridiculously brutal High Pass Challenge) P2P was my high point."

"Your volunteers and the party vibe they created really set this one apart."

"I didn’t know I could bleed from my eyes riding a bike!!"

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