• Fauntleroy Ferry, Southworth and Pt. Defiance Terminals all have routes to Vashon
  • Route schedules can be found here www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries
  • Note for your return trip:
    • All bicyclists and motorcycles must access the Vashon dock via 103rd Ave. SW. It is unsafe to bypass the queue of waiting Fauntleroy-bound vehicles by riding against traffic on Vashon Highway. For your safety, please use 103rd and stop and wait for instructions from the flagger at the bottom of the hill before riding onto the dock.






For those inquiring about walk-on ferry service:
Passport2Pain cannot offer pick-up service in the morning, but we will offer to take bikes (on the club's rowing shell trailer) and people (in a small service bus) back to the north end ferry (Vashon to Faunterloy/Southworth) after the conclusion of the BBQ.

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