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    As Tough a Ride As You Want to Make It

    September 8, 2018

    Up to 80 miles and 10,000 ft. of vertical ‒ with a barbecue for everyone!

    September 8, 2018

  • Passport2Pain

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    A Challenge For Every Appetite

    September 8, 2018

    30 miles and 3,400 vertical feet? Congrats, you're a Weenie. Go all 80 miles and 10,000 vertical ‒ you're an Idiot. Somewhere in the middle? Be a Weasel and ride 50 miles and 6,500 vertical. Or peel off whenever, and head for the barbecue! Saturday, September 9th

    September 9, 2017

  • Sept 8, 2018

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    Train Hard

    The more checkpoints you get to, the more food, fun and friends you'll find. P2P has the hilliest course in the Puget Sound Region, but we treat it more like a party...

    Train Hard

  • Test Your Training...

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    Are You Ready?

    We give you a P2P Passport, and you see how many of the 18 food-filled Checkpoints you can visit along the (rather, ahem, hilly) course before the BBQ starts..

    Train Hard

  • Remember the Barbecue.

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    Big Yum!

    September 8, 2018

    Proud to be a Weenie! Riding 30 miles and 3,400 vertical may be bigger for you than 80 miles and 10,000 vertical is for some of those Idiots. Stretch yourself at P2P!

    Almost There!

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2016 Devil


Sometimes it just takes a little motivation to get up those hills.

Welcome!P2P is Tough and Fun!

P2P started in 2011 with 12 test riders, "just to see if it would work". Unfortunately, it did. We were competitive rowers who "rode" Vashon's hills in off-season training so we "rowed" faster when we got back in boats.

We thought: What if we strung all these hills together into one epic Island circuit? What if we issued passports to be stamped at the bottom of the worst hills as proof you got there...and had to get back up?

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Choose your level of challenge in a ride where you'll meet other great people with your same, uh... "pain/party" thing.



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  • Passport2Pain 2017!

    Are you the kind of rider who secretly loves every hill?... especially if there's good food and friends involved?
    Passport to Pain ("P2P") is the hilliest, toughest ride in Puget Sound, but we treat it more like a party.
    We give you a P2P passport and stamp it at 18 checkpoints along the (quite) hilly, but beautiful, Island-wide circuit.... or.... as many checkpoints as you can get to. It's not a race, but the more checkpoints you reach, the more great food, fun and friends you'll find...
    Experience our volunteers, who are legendary for their generosity and, ahhh... weirdness (hey, this is Vashon). At 4:00 everyone heads back to the start and we all bury our sorrows under a mountainous BBQ, where the "Pain" stops and the stories begin.
  • Get Stamped Along the Way

    We set up checkpoints along the way so you can get your P2P passport stamped
    Everyone makes a bunch of new friends, everyone has big fun, everyone gets a t-shirt, and everyone walks funny the next day.
    Riders start in small groups from Jensen Point Park on Vashon Island at beginning at 7:30 AM, on September 9, 2017.
    The BBQ begins at 2 PM, and goes until everyone's back. No one leaves hungry.
  • Ride Fun!

    Don't forget, this is a fun ride, not a race. [This winter was tough on the roads.]
    We don't keep times, so there are only winners, no losers (this is so Vashon). .You'll burn a lot of calories (but we'll feed 'em back to you) and you'll have a great time doing it..
    This hair-raiser of a fundraiser is all brought to you by the Junior & Master volunteers of the Vashon Island Rowing Club. Thanks so much for joining us!
    It may be the toughest ride in the Pacific Northwest but it also may be the most fun!
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  • "This one is my new favorite ride in the PNW!"
  • "I have been recommending next year's edition to everyone who will listen to me."
  • "Loved it. Had an amazing time."
  • "Thanks for making P2P such an amazing (fun, funny, warm, friendly, stimulating, etc.) peak experience of the year for so…
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vashon junior crew

Help Vashon Crew!

P2P proceeds go to financial aid for Juniors and to our boats!

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Join In The Pain!

Food, Fun, New Friends

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Work Hard

Meet, ride, eat!

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You'll earn it!